A Newsreel History of the Third Reich (1993): Volume 03


A Newsreel History of the Third Reich shows segments from the wartime German weekly newsreels, Die Deutsche Wochenschau, during World War II.

Also known as A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War and Through Enemy Eyes: A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War.


  • DISK 1: 23 August 1940 to 06 November 1940:
    • NEWSREEL 520: 28th German East Trade Fair in Königsberg Attracts Hundreds of Thousands; Chemical Fertilisers: Germany s Indispensable Weapon; Salvaging Wrecked Vehicles from Western Campaign; Strength through Joy Sponsors Soldiers Factory Tour; Arms Workers see their Products in Action; German Flak Batteries Deter Enemy Bombing Raids; Field Marshal von Brauchitsch Visits Wounded Soldiers; Hitler Awards Field Marshals with Jewelled Sceptres; Italian Bombing Raids Open Campaign against British Somalia; Testing New Long-range Artillery; Luftwaffe Steps up Bombing Raids Against Britain; Total Blockade of Great Britain Begins.
    • NEWSREEL 524: Labour Corps Spearheads Germanisation in Eastern Territories (Wartheland); Ethnic Germans Return to Alsace-Lorraine: German Virtues Prevail; Baden Hitler Youth join Young Germans in Strasbourg; Clearing British Mines from Norway s Fjords; U-Boots Return to Harbour; 4.3 million Tons of Enemy Shipping Sunk in First Year of War; Germany Fortifies the Channel Coast; Coastal Artillery bombards Dover; Coastal Air Defence: Messerschmitt Fighter Planes Intercept RAF in Channel; RAF Bombardier Reaches Berlin; Germany vows Revenge; Germany’s New Air Strategy: London now the Key; Raid on London: Inside a Ju 88 Divebomber; Luftwaffe Unloads Monumental Destruction on London.
    • NEWSREEL 525: Fascist Labour Corps in Norway; Hitler grants Hungary Disputed Romanian Territory; Horthy celebrates; Franco’s Envoy visits Hitler at Chancellery; Italy’s Colonial Minister Teruzzi meets Hitler, tours Western Front; Festive Saarbrücken greets Repatriated Germans; Todt Organization in Saarbrücken; Mine Warfare: from Factory Assembly to Minelaying at Sea; Italian Bombers raid British Base at Sollum, Egypt; British Air Raid Kills German Children; Göring tours Air Fields in northern France; Luftwaffe Squadrons take Revenge upon London; Stuka Fighters in Action.
    • NEWSREEL 528: Mussolini rebuilds Rome; Reich Education Minister Rust awarded Honorary Degree in Rome; Madrid Arena hosts Reichswehr Band Concert; Spain invades Tangiers; French Authorities capitulate; Bulgaria seizes Contested Dobruja Province; King Boris hailed in Sofia; Ethnic Germans from Bessarabia repatriated by Resettlement Commandos; Oslo Fascists declare Norway Needs More Quislings ; Occupied Warsaw prepares for Hitler’s Visit; Vichy Outrage as RAF Night Pirates bomb LeHavre; Fastest Gun in the West : Messerschmitt 109; Spectacular Aerial Dogfights over southern England; Germany’s Navy Girds for Battle.
    • NEWSREEL 531: Bountiful Vegetable Harvest in Germany; Autobahn Construction in Austria; SA Officers Tour Liberated Eastern Districts; Cross Section of Activities in France Under German Occupation; Japanese Bombers Attack Burma Road; Victorious U-boats Return to Bases; Reich Marshal Göring reviews Richthofen and Horst Wessel Fighter Wings.
  • DISK 2: 20 November 1940 to 28 December 1940:
    • NEWSREEL 533: Japan Takes Over Formerly French Indochina.; Dutch Fascists Parade in Amsterdam; Outstanding Armament Workers are invited to Berlin as Guests of Top Nazi Leaders; Molotov Meets with Ribbentropp and Hitler in Berlin; German Housing Settlements in Warta Region; Berlin and Hamburg Children relocated to Safe Havens in Countryside; Flak Batteries Duel English Night Bombers; Memorial Services Honour Fallen Soldiers in Flanders; Coastal Batteries and Luftwaffe Planes Attack British Convoys in the Channel.
    • NEWSREEL 534: Devastating Romanian earthquake Prompts German Aid.; Italian Front Lines in North Africa; Ethnic Germans Depart Bessarabia for Fatherland; Foreign Ministers of Spain (Serrano Söñer) and Italy (Ciano) Visit Hitler at Berchtesgaden; Hitler Attends Vienna Ceremony as Hungary Joins Tripartite Pact ; Romania’s Antonescu and Slovakia’s Tuka also sign Tripartite Pact; Victory in the West Exhibit Opens in Vienna; Luftwaffe stages a Massive Raid on Coventry; Daring Exploits of U-boat Lieutenant Kretschmer, Germany’s Tonnage King.
    • NEWSREEL 536: Mountain Troop Artillery Exercise In Austrian Alps; Night Raid on Targets in England: Birmingham in Flames; Admiral Raeder Launches Battleship Bismarck; Exploits of U-boat Captain Endress: a Surface Battle with an Armed British Steamer and the Torpedoing of a Freighter.
    • NEWSREEL 537: Field Marshal Von Brauchitsch Visits Troops in the East; King Michael of Romania Reviews a Parade of German Advisory Troops in Bucharest; The completion of Oslo-Bergen Highway in Norway; The Old Orient Express Railway Line Rebuilt in France; Reich Leader Alfred Rosenberg Speaks at the Chamber of Deputies in Paris; Wounded Soldiers make Christmas Toys for Children; Hitler Blasts Capitalism and Fake Democracy in an address to German Armament Industry Workers.
    • NEWSREEL 538: Japanese Planes Bomb Chiang Kai-shek’s Supply Lines on Burma Road; Abducted Spanish Civil War Children Return Home from France; Life in Warsaw is back to Normal Again; New Airfields are Constructed in Norway; Rifle Making at a Famous Gunsmith Plant in Steyr; Captured British Submarine is Converted to a U-boat and Commissioned Under the German Battle Flag; German Soldiers on Guard Duty in Stormy Weather on the Channel and Channel Islands.

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich Series

You can find a full index and overview of A Newsreel History of the Third Reich here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 1993 (original release, US) and 25 July 2006 (re-release, DVD Premiere, US).
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Running Time: minutes.
  • Country: Germany.
  • Language: German and English (subtitles).

Video Clip(s)

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