A Newsreel History of the Third Reich (1993): Volume 12


A Newsreel History of the Third Reich shows segments from the wartime German weekly newsreels, Die Deutsche Wochenschau, during World War II.

Also known as A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War and Through Enemy Eyes: A Newsreel History of the Third Reich at War.


  • DISK 1: 03 November 1943 to 22 December 1943:
    • NEWSREEL 687: Frick Inaugurated as Reich Protector of Bohemia-Moravia; Göring Inspects Air Defence Forces; Hitler Decorates U-Boat Commanders; German Invasion of Kos Island Routs Allied Forces.
    • NEWSREEL 688: Albert Speer Speaks at Berlin Plant; Cossack Brigade Attacks Bosnian Partisans; Kesselring Reviews German Troops in Italy; Soviet Advance in Krivoi Rog Repelled.
    • NEWSREEL 689: Home Front Activities in Germany; Viennese Greet Ace Pilot Nowotny; Hitler and Old Comrades in Löwenbräu Cellar; German-Soviet Clash on Eastern Front.
    • NEWSREEL 690: Soldiers see Hockey in Berlin; Supplies Delivered to Arctic Front; Tanks and Flak Repel Allies on Italian Front; Dönitz, Speer View Naval Exercises.
    • NEWSREEL 692: Himmler Inspects Muslim Volunteers; Response to Allied Bombing of Berlin; Germans Counterattack at Dnieper Bend; Occupation of Leros and Samos Islands.
    • NEWSREEL 694: Santa Claus in Channel Bunker; Axis Defences on Danish Coast; JU-52 Supply Drop on Eastern Front; Paratroopers Blow Up Bridge in Italy.
  • DISK 2: 29 December 1943 to 08 March 1944:
    • NEWSREEL 695: Submarine Nets in Finland Gulf; Rumanian Troops in the Crimea; Germans Reinforce Nikopol Bridgehead; Rocket Fire Reverberates on Eastern Front.
    • NEWSREEL 697: Anti-Bolshevist Rally in Paris; Bosnian Partisan Band Captured; Panther Tanks Support Infantry in Nevel Area; U-Boat Patrols Indian Ocean.
    • NEWSREEL 698: Sports and Leisure in Germany; German Troops Visit Greek Monks; Infantry, Assault Guns Oppose Soviet Tanks; Allied Bombers Over Germany.
    • NEWSREEL 702: Women Workers Pull Their Weight in Reich Labour Service; Artillery Duels at Nettuno Beachhead; American Prisoners March Into Rome; German Soldiers Rest and Relax on the Eastern Front.
    • NEWSREEL 703: Seyss-Inquart New President of German Academy; Allies Bombard Monte Cassino; Wounded in Ruins of Castel Gandolfo; Street Fighting in Port of Kerch.
    • NEWSREEL 705: Léon Degrelle Reviews the Battle at Cherkassy; German Withdrawal Through Narva; Naval Action off the Coast of Norway; Luftwaffe Duels USAAF Bombers.
    • NEWSREEL 707: French Waffen-SS Volunteers; Exchange Prisoners Return From the US; The Goliath Remote-Controlled Miniature Tank; Great Air Battle Over Berlin.

A Newsreel History of the Third Reich Series

You can find a full index and overview of A Newsreel History of the Third Reich here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 1993 (original release, US) and 25 July 2006 (re-release, DVD Premiere, US).
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Running Time: minutes.
  • Country: Germany.
  • Language: German and English (subtitles).

Video Clip(s)

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