Babylon 5: The Legend of the Raiders (2002)


Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers (subtitled: To Live and Die in Starlight) is the fifth telefilm set in the Babylon 5 universe (not including the pilot, The Gathering).

Originally airing 19 January 2002 on the Sci Fi Channel (now Syfy), it was written by J. Michael Straczynski and directed by Mike Vejar. Though shot as a pilot for a possible new series, it aired opposite NFL playoffs and the subsequent poor ratings led to it not being picked up.

Also known as Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight (original title).


As the Shadow War ended, hundreds of civilisations were devastated. It is up to the Interstellar Alliance, with the help of the Rangers, to rebuild what the great war had destroyed and to hold peace among the worlds of the ISA.

In the year 2265, David Martel (Dylan Neal), a Ranger, is given the command of a twenty-year-old Ranger starship, Liandra, and is asked to escort a Valen-class cruiser to a secret location carrying several diplomats, including Ambassador G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas). Upon arrival, the two craft are attacked on behalf of an unknown, mysterious, and ancient force known only as The Hand whose lethal power is far greater than any previously known to Earth or any other world in the Interstellar Alliance.


  • Dylan Neal as David Martell.
  • Andreas Katsulas as G’Kar.
  • Alex Zahara as Dulann.
  • Myriam Sirois as Sarah Cantrell.
  • Dean Marshall as Malcolm Bridges.
  • Warren Takeuchi as Kitaro “Kit” Sasaki.
  • Jennie Rebecca Hogan as Na’Feel.
  • Mackenzie Gray as Kafta.
  • David Storch as Tafeek.
  • Enid-Raye Adams as Firell.
  • Gus Lynch as Tirk.


  • G’Kar tells David that no one on Babylon 5 is exactly what he seems.
    • He previously told Catherine Sakai the same thing in “Babylon 5: Mind War (1994).”
  • This is Andreas Katsulas’ final appearance as G’Kar in the “Babylon 5” franchise.
  • Tannier (Todd Sandomirsky) previously appeared in “Babylon 5: Learning Curve (1998)” in which he was played by Brendan Ford.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s):
    • Michael Vejar.
  • Producer(s):
    • Ron McLeod … producer.
    • Douglas Netter … executive producer.
    • J. Michael Straczynski … executive producer.
  • Writer(s):
    • J. Michael Stracynski.
  • Music:
    • Christopher Franke.
  • Cinematography:
    • Henry Chan.
  • Editor(s):
    • Stein Myhrstad.
  • Production:
    • Babylonian Productions.
    • Legendary Films Inc.
    • The Sci-Fi Channel.
  • Distributor(s):
    • Argentina Video Home (2008) (Argentina) (VHS).
    • The Sci-Fi Channel (all media).
    • WOWOW (2008) (Japan) (TV).
    • Warner Home Video (2005) (Netherlands) (DVD).
    • Warner Home Video (2006) (Finland) (DVD).
    • Warner Home Video (2006) (Germany) (DVD).
    • Warner Home Video (2006) (USA) (DVD).
    • Warner Home Vídeo (Brazil) (VHS).
  • Release Date: 19 January 2002 (US).
  • Rating: PG.
  • Running Time: 90 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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