Revolution (2013): S02E03 – Love Story


Revolution is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series that ran from 17 September 2012 to 21 May 2014, when it was cancelled by NBC. The show takes place in the post-apocalyptic near-future of the year 2027, 15 years after the start of a worldwide, permanent electrical-power blackout in 2012.


Miles is brought behind the red door and Titus explains that his wife has diabetes and must be given new blood in order to survive. Titus’ men strap Miles down to the cart and begin draining his blood. Rachel appears and rescues Miles. They escape back to Willoughby, taking Titus’ wife, Jessica, with them. The war tribe advances on the town, but Miles threatens to kill Jessica if they attack. A warrior, previously seen working for the Patriots, tries to get Titus to back down but Titus resists. In the house, Jessica begs Rachel not to give her back to Titus because she’s afraid of him. Miles offers himself to Titus in exchange for the safety of the town residents. Titus agrees, but also sends in a spy to check on his wife. The spy and Rachel discover she has killed herself rather than return to Titus. As the last wagon out of town is leaving, Titus discovers the deception, and his tribe begins to brutally attack the town. Meanwhile, in the Savannah Refugee Camp, Neville tells Jason they are now Patriots working for the US Government, until they “climb to the top and kill them all.” He burns his wife’s picture. Upon returning to their tent at the end of the day, they are attacked and beaten unconscious. After waking, they are questioned by the Patriots. The group reveals they know Neville’s true identity. He talks his way into release after Allenford intervenes, but Jason will not be released. In the Plains Nation, Adam and Charlie catch up to their wagon only to be ambushed by Monroe who knocks out Adam. Monroe reveals to Charlie that Rachel is wanted by the Patriots for crimes against the US Government. Monroe tells Charlie that he’ll help her and her family, but she refuses and walks away. Back at Willoughby, the town is saved when the Patriots, wielding assault rifles, kill all the attackers. As Titus cries over his wife’s body, one of the tribe members throws a bag over his head, capturing him. Meanwhile, Miles sees the Patriots marching into the town, killing all the tribesmen, and setting up an American flag, taking control of the town. Rachel lies critically injured from an arrow, but is helped by the Patriots.

Revolution Series

You can find a full index and overview of Revolution here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 09 October 2013.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes (per episode).
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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