Revolution (2013): S02E06 – Dead Man Walking


Revolution is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series that ran from 17 September 2012 to 21 May 2014, when it was cancelled by NBC. The show takes place in the post-apocalyptic near-future of the year 2027, 15 years after the start of a worldwide, permanent electrical-power blackout in 2012.


Miles and Monroe set about making the ranger look like he was killed by the Patriots, sinking his body in the river. The Texas Rangers follow Fry’s tracks to the old warehouse and find a gun casing from a Patriot gun. Miles catches Monroe with a Patriot body and Monroe gives him information that the Patriot disclosed before Monroe killed him. Monroe is sitting in a building when someone throws in a stun grenade. He leaves the building to find a number of Patriots with their guns pointed at him, and he is taken into custody. Instead of the intended war, the Texas Rangers and the Patriots are working together. They present Monroe to the public and say he will not live to see another sunrise if he is found guilty of his crimes at an immediate trial. Reporters and old flash cameras are there to capture the moment. Aaron meets Bonnie Webster (Alanna Ubach), who has entered the town with the Texas Rangers. Miles tells Charlie they have to get Monroe out. At night, Miles and Charlie sneak along the top of a building. They see Monroe being moved to a vault in the bank and Miles confronts Rachel about tipping off the Rangers and Patriots that there was going to be a jailbreak. Rachel confesses to telling them. Charlie and Rachel have a confrontation: Rachel tells her she cannot bear to lose another child, but Charlie says Monroe saved her life. In the courtroom, Monroe is sentenced to death. Monroe’s last request is to see Miles. Monroe asks Miles to shake his hand and say goodbye and to find his son by Emma. Miles tells Monroe he hid his son from him, much to his shock. At midnight, Monroe is given the injection by Gene Porter and dies. Miles is broken by the loss of Monroe and tries to drink his pain away. Allenford tells Neville the direction of the camp his son is being held in, then refuses to go any farther. Neville tells her he is not letting her go until he lays eyes on his son. They find dead bodies ripped apart, and Allenford reveals it is the work of the Patriots’ bootcamp. Soldiers fire on them and they run. The main attacker turns out to be Jason, who does not hesitate as he attempts to kill his father. Jason and his group storm through hallways of the warehouse and Jason’s vision is blurry. Allenford says that Neville’s son is no longer his son. She knows this because her own son has been put through this program in Cuba, and her husband is a high ranking Patriot who puts country before family. Neville kills the other two with Jason and holds Jason at gunpoint. Jason beats up Neville and is trying to killing him when Allenford hits him over the head, knocking him unconscious. Rachel stands over Monroe’s grave and begins digging.

Flashback: Three years after the Blackout, Miles and Monroe walk through a tent camp, discussing stealing food from a nearby camp. Miles suggests forming an army. Monroe enters one of the tents to greet his girlfriend, Shelly, who is pregnant with his child. In the following scene, Shelly is giving birth when things goes wrong. Miles and Neville bring water and towels but when they arrive, Monroe exits the tent sobbing, his hands covered in blood. Later, Monroe is seen celebrating with others about the success of the raid on the camp. Miles asks him if there were any casualties in which he replies that Miles means if there were any survivors. This shows that losing his girlfriend and unborn child broke Monroe and changed him into what he became.

Revolution Series

You can find a full index and overview of Revolution here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 30 October 2013.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes (per episode).
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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