V: The Final Battle (1984): Part 02


V is a science fiction TV franchise created by American producer and director Kenneth Johnson concerning aliens known as “The Visitors” trying to take over Earth. It ran as a miniseries in 1983 and 1984, and a weekly TV series from 1984 to 1985. A remake/reimagining aired from 2009 to 2011.

Outline (General)

V: The Final Battle was played out over three episodes, set several months after the events of the original miniseries.

A year after Liberation Day, courtesy of the red-dust bacteria, the humanoid, lizard-like aliens develop a resistance to the micro-organism and try to regain control of the Earth – only now some humans are knowingly working with them.

Outline (Part 01)

Two mercenaries, Ham Tyler and associate Chris Farber, join the Resistance. Ham reveals the existence of an international resistance force that can supply armour-piercing ammunition plus other effective weapons for the war.

The Visitors storm the hideout, but the rebels escape with the help of Tyler and Farber and further advance-warning from Ruby, who now works at the Visitors’ security headquarters as a cleaner. They relocate to an old western movie studio.

Juliet’s brainwashing continues in the conversion chamber. The process inflicts horrifying hallucinations on Juliet’s mind, designed to brainwash her into a Visitor ally. However, she proves quite strong, forcing Diana to continually increase the intensity of the process. This eventually causes Juliet to go into cardiac arrest and nearly die. Despite Juliet’s failing health, she is forced to undergo another conversion session. Frustrated with Juliet’s resistance, Diana takes the power of the chamber to maximum. Now in intense agony, Juliet struggles to resist. Just as her heart is beginning to give out, Juliet breaks and Diana stops the session. Juliet collapses to the ground, seemingly converted. After the session, Mike Donovan bursts in and attempts to shoot Diana, but Jake kills him in time. Seeing this, however, appears to snap Juliet out of her brainwashing. It is later revealed that the man appearing to be Mike is a Fifth Column agent in disguise.

Because of the danger of Fifth Column infiltration (especially now with the arrival of Diana’s superior, Squadron Commander Pamela), Martin suggests that all major prisoners be transferred from the mother-ship to the security headquarters on the ground for further protection. Mark’s girlfriend, Maggie Blodgett, who has seduced collaborator and Visitor Youth member Daniel Bernstein, brings this information to the rebels, who see the opportunity and rescue Juliet. Daniel, however, kills Ruby after she cuts the power for the laser fencing, a critical part of the operation.

Once again in the ranks of the Resistance, Juliet tells the others of a 30-day plan to steal all the water from southern California by means of a water pipeline to a Visitor mothership. With the aid of devices that make their voices similar to those of the Visitors, the rebels scout the facility and prepare to destroy it. Tyler questions Juliet’s loyalty, convinced she had been converted. She responds firmly and retains command in front of the others. In private, however, she is mentally scarred from her torture aboard the mothership. She shows signs that the conversion was successful, making her unsure of herself. She finally seeks comfort in Mike’s arms. At the same time, Maggie confronts Mark over their relationship in light of her undercover liaison with Daniel. They make peace, and he proposes to her.

The attack on the water facility goes as planned, and after explosives are placed a fire-fight ensues between the rebels and the aliens. Mark is wounded and sacrifices his life to cover the escape. Maggie grieves over the loss of her fiancé.

Later on, Diana and Stephen appear in a news bulletin along with Sean, whom Stephen had ordered Brian to take out of stasis as a favour to Eleanor. It is a clear invitation for Mike to surrender to them in exchange for his son. Mike gives himself up and is taken on a mothership, while Ham and Julie bring Sean to safety. The rebels relocate to an old city jail afterwards, where their prisoner Willie gradually wins their trust when he helps Robin through her pre-labour stage.

A Fifth Column agent named Oliver visits Mike at his cell and offers a suicide pill to prevent him from divulging information about the Resistance and the Fifth Column, in light of Diana’s ultra-potent truth serum. Jake kills Oliver and Diana injects Mike with the drug. The effects take place immediately, with Mike forced to compromise Martin, who is present. Martin tries to shoot Diana, but she escapes with the knowledge that he is a Fifth Columnist. Donovan and Martin hide in the mother-ship’s air shafts.

The episode ends when Robin goes into labour and via a caesarean section gives birth to dizygotic twins – a human looking girl with a forked tongue, and a reptilian boy with blue human-like eyes.

Part 01 here and Part 03 here.

V Series

You can find a full index and overview of the V franchise here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 07 May 1984.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Running Time: variable.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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