Star Trek: Voyager (1996): S03E01 – Basics, Part 02


“Basics” comprises the 42nd and 43rd episodes of the American science fiction television Star Trek: Voyager, the cliffhanger between the second season and the third season.

In this episode, the Federation starship Voyager, alone in the Delta Quadrant, is lured into a trap which leads to the ship being commandeered by the hostile Kazon, who forcibly remove the ship’s crew to an inhospitable planet.


The crew is marooned on a barren planet inhabited by primitive but seemingly hostile natives. Only two crew members are left on board Voyager – the Doctor and Suder, who was presumed dead in the explosion. It is revealed by the Doctor that Chakotay is not the father of Seska’s baby and that Seska has lied deliberately for months to convince both him and the crew otherwise as part of the Kazon plot to capture Voyager and that Maje Culluh is the father. Suder is convinced by the Doctor to commit violence if necessary and has a crisis of conscience. Suder hides in the vents and Jefferies tubes of the ship, risking his sanity after he is forced to kill a Kazon soldier. His old Maquis tricks keep him from being detected, but also alert Seska, who has similar experience. The Doctor takes the “credit” for the dead Kazon soldier and stops Suder from being detected. Seska doubts the story, but deactivates the Doctor’s program just in case.

Meanwhile, on the planet, crewman Hogan is devoured by a gigantic worm creature. The natives of the planet kidnap Kes and Neelix. Chakotay attempts to negotiate for their return, but this does not go well and he, Kes and Neelix plus other crewmen flee and are forced to hide in one of the caverns that the giant worm lives in. The natives attempt to smoke them out with a fire.

Back at camp, things are going wrong, although the crew have managed to find food and warmth. Ensign Wildman’s baby falls ill and continues to get worse and Chakotay’s team is still missing. Janeway gathers her own crew to search for Chakotay. Inside the caverns, a mis-step leads to a crew member waking and getting eaten by the worm. Outside, Janeway has Lt. Torres and two others draw off the natives with a distraction. It works, allowing them to put out the fire and get the rest of the crew out. The worm ends up buried under tons of rock dislodged by Tuvok and others as they escape.

Suder and the Doctor risk their lives to repel the Kazon. Suder, under orders from Tom Paris, who is with a Talaxian convoy, attacks the engineering section of Voyager. His goal is to sabotage the phaser weapon systems. He succeeds, but is shot in the back by a dying Kazon and dies moments after. The Kazon then attempt to destroy Tom Paris’ shuttle but the sabotaged phaser coupling overloads, killing most of the Kazon and so they decide to abandon Voyager. Seska herself has been mortally wounded; she stumbles into Janeway’s ready room and dies next to her child, who survived. Maje Culluh, one of the few survivors of the attack, momentarily grieves for Seska, and then takes the baby and leaves.

On the planet, volcanic eruptions have forced the Voyager crew and the natives to move out together. Chakotay gains the respect of the natives when he rescues one of their children from a lava flow. The leader of the tribe gathers together plants that help Ensign Wildman’s baby to recover. The crew and the natives both watch in bewilderment as Voyager descends to the planet to pick them up. Tom Paris greets Janeway and the crew on the bridge and explains of Suder’s deeds. In Sickbay, there is a brief conversation over the bodies of Seska and Suder; Tuvok wishes for Suder the peace he had not been able to gain in life. Voyager continues on the journey home.

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Winrich Kolbe.
  • Writer(s): Michael Piller.
  • Release Date: 04 September 1996.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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