Star Trek: Voyager (2000): S07E09 – Flesh and Blood, Part 01


“Flesh and Blood” is a two-part episode from the seventh season of the science fiction television series Star Trek: Voyager.

The crew of USS Voyager must contend with violent Delta-quadrant aliens the Hirogen, who use the holodeck technology with a horrific amoral twist.

Originally aired as one double episode, it was then aired as two separate episodes, of approximately 45 minute each.


The USS Voyager responds to a Hirogen distress call. They discover a Hirogen ship that has been turned into a large holodeck using modified Starfleet technology Voyager had supplied the race with earlier. All but one of the crew are dead; the survivor, an engineer named Donik, reveals they used the holograms as training programs, but the holograms had found a way to disable security controls and kill the crew before escaping in a holo-emitter-equipped vessel. Donik offers to help track down the ship. Voyager is soon met by another Hirogen ship also responding to the distress call. Donik helps convince the Alpha Hirogen to work with Voyager to find the holo-ship.

The two ships are led into a trap set by the holograms, causing severe damage and casualties to the Hirogen ship including the Alpha, and leaving Voyager helpless to stop the holograms from abducting Voyager’s holographic Doctor before escaping. Voyager rescues the surviving Hirogen, and the Beta, now in command, agrees to still help Voyager, though secretly orders his crew to attempt to break into Voyager’s systems and send a message to their homeworld for help. To avoid falling into a similar trap, Lt. Torres and Donik modify the deflector dish to emit an anti-photon pulse that will destabilise the holograms.

Aboard the holo-ship, the Doctor finds the holograms to be those of other Alpha Quadrant races. Their leader, the Bajoran Iden, asks the Doctor to help tend to their wounded, which surprises the Doctor as holograms cannot be harmed. He finds that the Hirogen modifications cause the holograms to experience pain and death many times over as to make their training more realistic; Iden led the revolt and has similarly rescued holograms from other Hirogen training vessels. The Doctor works with the Cardassian engineer Kejal to adjust the ship’s holo-emitters and repair the damage done to the holograms, but still remains doubtful to Iden’s goals. Iden implants memories of the pain and suffering of a hologram into the Doctor’s programming to coerce him to help more, offering that their goal is to find a planet harmful to biological life but where they enable a large-scale holo-emitter where they could live out their photonic lives. The Doctor agrees to help, but offers that Torres would be crucial to assure that the emitter is properly engaged. Iden remains distrustful of organics, but agrees to rendezvous with Voyager peacefully.

When they meet, the Doctor explains Iden’s case to Captain Janeway, who is wary of providing any more holographic technology given the present situation. The two get into a heated debate over holographic rights just as the Hirogen make contact with their homeworld and engage in combat with the security teams in the Mess Hall. Iden detects two Hirogen vessels approaching and believing to have been double-crossed, fires on Voyager. Janeway orders the anti-photon pulse to be used while sending the Doctor to help the wounded to the Mess Hall. The Doctor leaves, but instead goes to Sick Bay to warn Iden about the pulse. Iden creates a feedback system that damages the emitter when the pulse is sent, and during the distraction, Iden abducts Torres onto his ship before they take off into warp.

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Mike Vejar.
  • Writer(s): Jack Monaco, Bryan Fuller, and Raf Green.
  • Release Date: 29 November 2000.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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