Star Trek: Enterprise (2003): S02E23 – Regeneration


“Regeneration” is the forty-ninth episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the twenty-third episode of the second season.

It was a follow-up to the feature film Star Trek: First Contact.

In this episode, several cybernetically enhanced aliens are accidentally reanimated by a research team in the Arctic. The aliens assimilate the researchers and their ship before escaping into space. The Enterprise pursues the ship and is attacked, forcing Archer to destroy the vessel. Afterwards they discover that the aliens sent a message into the Delta Quadrant containing the coordinates of Earth, a message that will not arrive until the 24th century.

The episode utilised props and costumes from previous Star Trek series in order to represent the Borg and is where they make their last canon appearance. The guest cast including Bonita Friedericy, the wife of main cast member John Billingsley. The ratings received by the episode were similar to those received during the previous week, and the number of viewers were one of the highest for the year. The critical response to “Regeneration” was mixed, with concerns directed at potential continuity problems, and that the appearance of the Borg was a little obvious.

A follow-up episode to “Regeneration” featuring the return of Alice Krige as the Borg Queen was pitched for the fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise but the show was cancelled before the fifth season could be released and thus the episode never aired.


A team of researchers discover remains of a crashed spaceship in the Arctic Circle, finding several humanoids with cybernetic implants frozen in the wreckage. Two bodies are taken to a nearby compound to be studied. The scientists marvel at the nanoprobes that begin to repair the long dead aliens. Suddenly one of the seemingly dead subjects attacks the scientists, assimilating them. Using scavenged wreckage to enhance the transport, they then escape into space, upgrading it with a faster than standard warp drive and weapons.

Admiral Forrest orders Enterprise to rescue the “kidnapped” researchers. They soon receive a distress call from a Tarkalean freighter, and they arrive to discover the ship under attack from the enhanced transport. Captain Jonathan Archer tries to disable their weapons, but the ship jumps to warp speed. Archer brings the survivors to Sickbay, and finds their situation reminiscent of a Zefram Cochrane story he remembers (relating to first contact). The assimilated crew soon awaken, and in the ensuing melee Doctor Phlox is infected with nanoprobes. They escape, and Lieutenant Reed then finds them modifying ship’s systems, and learns their phase pistols are ineffective. Archer, left with no other options, orders the section to be de-pressurised. Reed then begins upgrading the pistols, while Phlox treats himself with “omicron radiation” to destroy the nanoprobes.

Enterprise again catches up with the transport, but the recent modifications suddenly activate and shut down weapons and propulsion. Soon after the aliens hail Enterprise and say, “You will be assimilated, resistance is futile”. In response, Archer and Reed board the ship with upgraded pistols, plant explosives, and beam out. Commander Tucker troubleshoots the alien modifications thereby restoring main power to Enterprise. With the transport crippled, Archer realises the altered crew members are too far gone and orders the transport’s destruction. Later, a recovering Phlox informs Archer that while infected he kept hearing a repeating numerical sequence – Earth’s coordinates sent somewhere into the Delta Quadrant. Sub-Commander T’Pol states it would take almost 200 years to reach its destination, but Archer remains troubled.

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): David Livingston.
  • Writer(s): Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong.
  • Release Date: 07 May 2003.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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