Star Trek: Enterprise (2003): S03E02 – Anomaly


“Anomaly” is the 54th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the second episode of the third season.

In this episode, the Enterprise is attacked by an Osaarian vessel, and in pursuit they discover that the aliens have information on the Xindi which they must retrieve to help them on their mission.

The guest cast included Robert Rusler, who had previously appeared in Babylon 5, and Julia Rose, who wore a costume originally created for Hilary Swank in the 2003 film The Core.

The episode received ratings of 2.6/5 percent according to Nielsen Media Research, which was the same as previous episode “The Xindi”. It was watched by 4.29 million viewers which was an increase and the fourth highest so far in 2003.

The actions of Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) received criticism in this episode, but the special effects and action sequences were praised.


As Enterprise continues to travel through the Delphic Expanse, the ship is damaged by destructive spatial anomalies. With most of the primary systems off-line, Ensign Mayweather notices another ship nearby but no life-signs are detected. Captain Archer leads Lieutenant Reed and several MACOs on an away mission, and discover the crew are all dead. Taking what they can, they return and resume their mission.

Soon another vessel approaches Enterprise, and a group of aliens beam on board, stealing weapons, food and equipment. The crew finally prevails, and one of the aliens, an Osaarian called Orgoth, is captured. Archer hopes to recover the stolen items, but the Osaarians have masked their ion trail. He then confronts Orgoth in the brig. He explains they were traders attempting to find new trade routes, but after being hit by the spatial anomalies they were unable to leave and resorted to piracy.

The crew are able to track the Osaarian vessel, finding a large 1,000-year-old sphere constructed out of a single alloy. Archer and his away team discover a series of habitat modules containing most of the stolen items. The crew also finds a cargo manifest, and Ensign Sato soon learns they had also recently attacked a Xindi ship. Archer once again confronts Orgoth, demanding to know everything about the Xindi. He then drags the Osaarian to an airlock, initiating the decompression cycle. Orgoth soon relents, revealing they downloaded the Xindi database, while providing the access codes to their computer. When the alien ship returns, Mayweather manoeuvres Enterprise close enough for Sato to download 90% of the database. Archer sends Orgoth back to his people.

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): David Straiton.
  • Writer(s): Mike Sussman.
  • Release Date: 17 September 2003.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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