Stargate Universe (2011): S02E17 – Common Descent


The second and final season of Stargate Universe was announced by Syfy on 13 December 2009.

Like the first season, the second season consisted of 20 episodes.

The series was moved from the franchise’s long history of Friday to Tuesday, along with Caprica, as Syfy had picked up WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

The series resumed on 28 September 2010, USA. In Ireland & UK, the series resumed on 05 October at 9pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

Syfy announced on 16 December 2010 that it would not be picking Stargate Universe up for a third season and that the Spring 2011 season would be the last to air on its channel.


Destiny escapes another drone attack, prompting suspicions the drone motherships are somehow tracking Destiny.

The crew destroys the captured drone the next time the ship leaves FTL.

Needing lime for the life support system, Scott and Greer explore a nearby planet and encounter two humans from a local settlement who recognise them as their ancestors.

Eli hypothesises that the crew of the ship from Twin Destinies were thrown back 2,000 years and founded a (now technologically advanced) society on a planet they call Novus.

The settlers, actually colonists from Novus who have been out of gate contact for 30 years, help to resupply Destiny and ask for transport to Novus in exchange.

Drones arrive and attack both the planet and ship simultaneously; the planet’s Stargate is disabled and Destiny is forced to flee without Eli, Scott, Chloe, Greer and Wray.

Rush suggests the drones are homing in on the energy of a wormhole created by an active stargate.

Eli manages to use the Stargate’s network connection to send Destiny a Morse code message that the drones had left.

Upon returning, the crew takes on the colonists and travel to Novus, only to find it in a planet-wide volcanic winter and no sign of anyone.

Stargate Franchise

You can find a full index of the Stargate Franchise here, whilst clicking on the following links for films, documentaries, and TV series (all and Stargate Universe only).

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Peter DeLuise.
  • Producer(s): Robert C. Cooper.
  • Release Date: 18 April 2011.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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