Stargate Universe (2011): S02E20 – Gauntlet


The second and final season of Stargate Universe was announced by Syfy on 13 December 2009.

Like the first season, the second season consisted of 20 episodes.

The series was moved from the franchise’s long history of Friday to Tuesday, along with Caprica, as Syfy had picked up WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

The series resumed on 28 September 2010, USA. In Ireland & UK, the series resumed on 05 October at 9pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

Syfy announced on 16 December 2010 that it would not be picking Stargate Universe up for a third season and that the Spring 2011 season would be the last to air on its channel.


Eli discovers a way to track the command ships over long distances.

The crew learns an ambush is waiting at every resupply point in the current galaxy.

The crew modifies the ship’s shields to specifically counteract the drone weapons and drops out of FTL right on top of a command ship. Destiny takes severe damage before destroying the command ship.

Returning to FTL, the crew has supplies for one month. Eli proposes a plan to put the entire crew in the stasis pods for about 3 years, with the energy saved allowing the ship to stay in FTL until reaching the next galaxy.

Vignettes are shown of several crew members making a final visit to earth via the Ancient communication stones. The crew learns some of the pods are damaged, prompting a daring plan to use a shuttle as a distraction while an away team gathers minerals from a dangerous planet.

After successful repairs, all but Rush, Young and Eli are placed in stasis. A final pod is discovered to be non-functional. Rush volunteers to stay out and fix it, but Young speaks to Eli, who asserts his intelligence and willingness to try and fix the broken pod. If he fails, there will not be enough power to keep him alive and make it to the next galaxy.

Young and Rush enter stasis, as the ship’s systems power down. The episode closes with Eli standing on the observation deck, smiling in an enigmatic way, as Destiny makes its way through the galaxy in FTL.

Stargate Franchise

You can find a full index of the Stargate Franchise here, whilst clicking on the following links for films, documentaries, and TV series (all and Stargate Universe only).

Production & Filming Details

  • Creator(s): Andy Mikita.
  • Producer(s): Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.
  • Release Date: 09 May 2011.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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