Korea: The Unfinished War (2003): S01E05 – Home Before Christmas


A 2003 documentary revealing the history of the Korean War.


The United Nations (UN) forces had driven the North Korean Army (NKA) out of the South past the 38th Parallel (the diving line between South and North Korea) and began pursuit into the North with the objective of destroying the remaining NKA forces.

The losses the NKA suffered in the South were huge: Losing 150,000 men and another 125,000 taken prisoner.

With UN, and especially American forces, now in the North, the political leaders of Communist China and the Soviet Union became quite concerned; fearing that a successful campaign against the NKA would leave foreign forces on their borders.

Korea: The Unfinished War Series

You can find a full index of Korea: The Unfinished War series here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Brian McKenna.
  • Producer(s): Anne Gelbert, Christine Le Goff, and Stephen Phizicky.
  • Narrator(s): Brian McKenna and Terence McKenna.
  • Release Date: 2003.
  • Running Time: 53 minutes.
  • Country: Canada.
  • Language: English.

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