The Dawn (2019)


The Dawn is a 2019 horror thriller film directed by Brandon Slagle.


Following the murder of her family at the hands of her father in the wake of World War I, a young woman goes to live in a convent. However, the demons that plagued her father follow, reawakening the nightmares of her past.


  • Devanny Pin … Rose.
  • Stacey Dash … Sister Ella.
  • Ryan Kiser … Jeremiah.
  • David Goryl … Father Theodore.
  • Heather Wynters … Reverend Mother Agnes.
  • Teilor Grubbs … Young Rose.
  • Jonathan Bennett … William.

Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): Brandon Slagle.
  • Producer(s): John W. Bosher, Chris Charles, Tiffany Hammer, Gigi Coray Jankowski, Jeffrey Jankoski, Ryan Kiser, Chris Morganelli, Devanny Pinn, J. Spencer, and James C. Ward.
  • Writer(s): Elliot Diviney and Brandon Slagle.
  • Cinematography: David M. Brewer and Lance Rand.
  • Editor(s): Elliot Diviney and Wayner Kent.
  • Production: Jaguar Cinema and Jaguar Motion Pictures.
  • Distributor(s): Frightfan.Tv (South Africa), Kaleidoscope Film Distribution (UK and non-US), Kinologistika (Russia), Lionsgate Home Entertainment (US), Vendetta Films (Australia), and Vertical Entertainment (US).
  • Release Date: 25 September 2019 (Catalina Film Festival).
  • Running Time: 90 minutes.
  • Country: Australia, India, and US.
  • Language: English and Hindi.


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