Exterminate All The Brutes (2021): S01E02


Exterminate All the Brutes is an internationally co-produced documentary miniseries revolving around colonisation and genocide, directed by Raoul Peck.


In the second episode, “Who the F*** is Columbus,” Peck revisits the stories of Christopher Columbus, the Alamo, and the Trail of Tears from an indigenous perspective, showing how “official” history is shaped by those in power and solidified by myth and popular culture. Next, he examines the “doctrine of discovery” used to justify the enslavement of millions of Africans and questions his own story within these narratives.

Exterminate All The Brutes Series

You can find a full index and overview of Exterminate All The Brutes here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 07 April 2021 to 08 April 2021.
  • Running time: 232 minutes (total running time).
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

YouTube Link

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