Charite at War (2019): S02E05 – Im Untergrund (Underground)


Charité at War is a six-part 2019 German-language TV series starring Sarah Bauerett, Susanne Böwe and Mala Emde.

The series describes the accomplishments of several famous German physicians and scientists at the prestigious Charité hospital in Berlin during its history.

It is a sequel of Charité (see below).


There are more and more air raids on Berlin with every day. Because of this, a surgery bunker has been built on the Charité’s yard which soon becomes crowded and is not well-stocked. Von Stauffenberg has returned from his military service in North Africa and got his hand amputated. Sauerbruch wants to provide him with an innovative prosthesis called Sauerbruch-Arm. His injuries are also the subject of Otto’s exam questions. He struggles at first, but ultimately passes his test. Karin’s therapy is useless which is why Artur sends her to the Kinderfachabteilung without Anni’s knowledge. Anni discovers this and intervenes before Karin is transported. She secretly hides her in the attic of the bombed out staff apartments. Artur questions his wife when he learns that Karin never arrived at the clinic, but Anni does not tell him anything.

Sauerbruch gets arrested and interrogated after a failed attempt on Hitler’s life, but is able to convince his interrogators that neither he nor his son had anything to do with it. Otto gets drafted. As he is leaving for the front, Nurse Christel confesses her love to him, because she both has genuine feelings for him and wants to receive financial support for widows of fallen soldiers, but he rejects her. This is why she reveals his relationship with Martin to the police who arrest both. Martin might get sent to a concentration camp while Otto will be released if he says that Martin seduced him. Instead, he suggests Nurse Christel reported them because he rejected her, and that there are witnesses to the rejection at the hospital, such as Margot Sauerbruch. The police call Margot and she confirms that Otto rejected Nurse Christel, and Otto is released. Later, Anni gets De Crinis to declare both of them heterosexual by flirting with him in his office and suggesting that they are womanisers, thus Martin is also released. Christel complains to Margot that she does not want to work with the sex offender Martin, but Margot replies that if that is the case, she can be transferred to the front instead. Martin briefly strangles Christel when she asks him about his necklace, which actually belongs to Otto, telling her not to say anything.

Charité at War Series

You can find a full index and overview of Charité at War here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 12 March 2019.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Country: Germany.
  • Language: German.

Video Link

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