Star Trek: Lower Decks (2021): S02E03 – We’ll Always Have Tom Paris


Star Trek: Lower Decks is an American adult animated television series created by Mike McMahan for the streaming service CBS All Access.

It is the ninth series in the Star Trek franchise, and was launched in 2020 as part of executive producer Alex Kurtzman’s expansion of the franchise.

Lower Decks is the first animated series created for All Access, and the first animated Star Trek series since the 1973-1974 series Star Trek: The Animated Series.


Chief medical officer T’Ana sends Tendi on a mission to retrieve an important family heirloom, and Mariner joins her. After retrieving an old box, they decide to look at what is inside and find a “libido post” that Caitians like T’Ana use to relieve their annual need to have sex. The pair accidentally break the post and are unable to fix it, with Tendi returning it to T’Ana broken. The doctor says that she only wanted the box anyway. Rutherford is startled to see tactical officer Shaxs walking around the Cerritos after Shaxs had sacrificed his life to save Rutherford. He is assured that members of Starfleet’s bridge crews die and return in many different ways quite often, but still wants to know how Shaxs survived. When he finally builds up the courage to ask, Shaxs tells him something so horrifying that Rutherford is scarred forever. When Lieutenant Tom Paris boards the ship, Boimler wants to meet him and have Paris sign a commemorative plate with his face on it, but due to access issues he has to crawl through the Jefferies tube to get to the bridge.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Series

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Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 26 August 2021.
  • Running Time: 25 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: PG.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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