Star Trek: Lower Decks (2021): S02E08 – I, Excretus


Star Trek: Lower Decks is an American adult animated television series created by Mike McMahan for the streaming service CBS All Access.

It is the ninth series in the Star Trek franchise, and was launched in 2020 as part of executive producer Alex Kurtzman’s expansion of the franchise.

Lower Decks is the first animated series created for All Access, and the first animated Star Trek series since the 1973-1974 series Star Trek: The Animated Series.


Friction between the members of lower decks and the senior officers grows when the lower decks members are accidentally left behind in space following a spacewalk repair mission. A Pandronian drill instructor Shari yn Yem arrives from Starfleet to oversee a series of holodeck drills on the USS Cerritos to build better understanding between the crew, first by having the lower decks members switch responsibilities with the senior officers. However, the entire ship’s crew fail their assigned drills, with the exception of Ensign Boimler, who achieves high marks in his Borg drill, but obsessively reruns the drill in an attempt to achieve a perfect score. Conflict comes to a head when Mariner and Captain Freeman’s disagreements cause the team to fail a simple docking drill in record time. Their failure causes them to better appreciate one another, and they come to suspect that the drills were rigged for failure, believing this was Shari’s plan all along to bring them together. However, Shari reveals that the rigged drills were actually a bid to ensure her continued employment with the Federation, and that she plans to send the Cerritos’s failed scores to prove her necessity, which will likely result in the ship’s decommission. Realising that Boimler is the only crew member still running an active drill, they tell him to stall the drill to prevent the scores’ finalisations. While Boimler runs through the drill again, Freeman has the crew fly into a series of dangerous situations, terrifying Shari, and demonstrating that the crew are more than capable and that Shari’s drills aren’t informed by real world experience. Freeman threatens to continue putting the ship through these runs until Shari changes their score to passing, which she does. Afterward, Freeman and the senior officers apologise to the lower decks members by providing them with a senior officer food replicator.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Series

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Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 30 September 2021.
  • Running Time: 25 minutes (per episode).
  • Rating: PG.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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