The Wehrmacht (2007): S01E04 – Resistance


The Wehrmacht (German: Die Wehrmacht – Eine Bilanz) is a five-part documentary that provides differentiated answers on the Wehrmacht role in the World War II based on the latest historical and comprehensive investigative research, bringing many new facts to light, among them documents proving for the first time ever, what many among the officers actually thought from Trent Park operation archives.


20 July 1944 became the subject of myths and legends. If the assassination attempt on Hitler had succeeded, it could have been a turning point in World War II. During the war, only the Wehrmacht had the means to stand up to the Nazi regime. The assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg is a symbol of the German military resistance. However, those officers were lonely conspirators who did not get carried away by the popular mood.

The Wehrmacht Series

You can find a full index and overview of The Wehrmacht here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 04 December 2007.
  • Rating: Unknown.
  • Running Time: 43 minutes (per episode).
  • Country: Germany.
  • Language: German.

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