Star Trek: Enterprise (2004): S03E20 – The Forgotten


“The Forgotten” is the seventy-second episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the twentieth episode of season three.

The Enterprise enters the Delphic Expanse seeking to stop the superweapon with which the Xindi intend to destroy Earth.


Captain Archer tells the crew that they will carry on, but will remember the 18 crew members who died in the recent battle with the Xindi (“Azati Prime” – S03E18). He directs Enterprise to rendezvous with Degra. He also orders Commander Tucker to write a letter to the parents of Jane Taylor, a member of his engineering team who died in a recent battle. Also, Sub-Commander T’Pol discusses with Doctor Phlox the consequences of her Trellium addiction, and is troubled when he tells her the damage to her ability to control emotions may be permanent – a more pessimistic prognosis than before.

Arriving at a sphere, Enterprise is soon approached by Degra and Jannar’s ship, who Archer then invite on board in an attempt to gain their trust. He then reveals his evidence: the Reptilian corpses and technology of the failed viral attack against 2004 Earth (as per the episode “Carpenter Street” – S03E11), images of the dying alien who attempted to destroy the ship (as per “Harbinger” – S03E15), and scans of the interior of a sphere (as per “Anomaly” – S03E02). He again reiterates that Humans and Xindi are pre-destined to form an alliance to stop the Sphere Builders’ incursion in the future. But he also demands that Degra reveal information about the weapon and its launch schedule. An increasingly persuaded Degra promises to do what he can to delay it.

Meanwhile, a dangerous plasma fire erupts unnoticed on Enterprise’s hull. Initially, the blaze is small, but it expands progressively until Tucker and Lieutenant Reed are forced to extinguish it. Throughout the crises, Tucker repeatedly undermines the Captain’s authority by reviling Degra for the suffering he caused during the first attack on Earth that killed his sister. To make matters worse, a large Reptilian ship arrives and they are forced to work together to destroy it, despite Degra’s reluctance to attack fellow Xindi. With their pact now sealed, Degra suggests a meeting with the rest of the Council, and provides Archer with the coordinates.

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Production & Filming Details

  • Director(s): LeVar Burton.
  • Writer(s): Chris Black and David A. Goodman.
  • Release Date: 28 April 2004.
  • Running Time: 45 minutes.
  • Country: US.
  • Language: English.

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