Bad Lad’s Army (2004): S02E01


Lads’ Army (consequently known as Bad Lads’ Army, Bad Lads’ Army: Officer Class and Bad Lads’ Army: Extreme) was a reality game show that constituted a historically derived social experiment.

Shown on ITV, the series was based on the premise of subjecting today’s delinquent young men to the conditions of conscripts to British Army National Service of the 1950s to see if this could rehabilitate them.


A British military facility in Salisbury, Wiltshire has been reconverted into a 1959s Army training facility, with specially re-trained professional soldiers thoroughly prepared to play the part of a commanding captain, provost-sergeant, drill instructor, padre, sergeant and two section corporals in charge of tough training Fifties style. The thirty recruits arrive, except Alan Brown, who is retained by court procedures; all are volunteers and social reject ‘bad lads’, most with a criminal record, reason for his inseparable twin and partner in (real) crime Luke to …

Bad Lad’s Army Series

You can find a full index and overview of Bad Lad’s Army here.

Production & Filming Details

  • Release Date: 08 July 2004.
  • Rating: 15.
  • Running Time: 60 minutes.
  • Country: UK.
  • Language: English.

Video Link(s)

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